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Chapter Four is currently under construction! Yesss!
Drawings. Well. I should be getting to those.
To those who actually bother devoting themselves to this community, WE ARE IN FACT ALIVE! We've been really busy with school and everything has been so hectic. I've managed to find a little time for myself to try to get some pictures done. We'll see what we can do.
I have just successfully got through my first day of _______ year (as if I would reveal such a personal detail to the general public!) and judging from how things are going at present, I may actually be able to write often during the school year.
Of course, marching band and homework haven't caught up to me yet, so I can't make any promises. However, I presently believe that those select few of you that deign to read Sisterly Affection (such as Shannon Rosete) (hello, Shannon) will not spend the school year lusting after updates!

Love and Neptune's yellow sands,

Here we are with Chapter Three! As Cammy said, things will slow down after school starts. For her it's tomorrow, for me it's next Wednesday. In that week I will try to get artwork up so that I can post it at the same time as the chapters.

Chapter Three: Something to Cry AboutCollapse )

...shall be up soon, but as we begin school soon (for me, it's tomorrow!), production of both story and pictures may slow down considerably.

Yes indeed.

It's just a forewarning.

(This is also because it is my birthday to-day, and I would rather not work on this webcomic.)

(I'm only joking.)
Wow, we're doing a lot in one day. Intense. Anywho, art for Chapter One is now up! Check it out...by going to Chapter One. Yeah.

An archive is being made as each chapter is posted. We add them to memories so we get a nice easy way to jump from chapter to chapter instead of looking up and down this community journal.
Hooray!  My first post!

Allow me to welcome you to the webcomic, formerly fan-fiction, Sisterly Affection, in which timid Victoria Everglot has to step into the role of bride-to-be after her older sister disappears.

theyoungeryoung (Jennifer): Illustratoress

morte_rouge (Camille): Authoress
Just to let you know, I plan on doing artwork for this fan fic! I don't have any hi-tech stuff (tablets, PS, or whatnot) but I'll do as best I can.

Chapter Two: Quite the CatchCollapse )

We already have the first two chapters up as of August 2, 2007. Here's the first one!

Chapter One: The Replacement BrideCollapse )

Welcome to Sisterly Affection, home of the fanfic by the same name!

This fanfic can be found here, but it will also be posted on this community.

This place is still under construction as we set up the HTML and images.

Feel free to join!